How to do it

Basic workshop Four sessions each one 1 hour long. They can be practiced twice a week or once a week.

Age range There is no restriction in the adult´s age and children can participate from 4 years old and on, including teenagers. (All couples formed by one adult and one child).

What you need Arrive on time, bring comfortable clothes (no stockings or tight belts, preferably long sleeves and pants)  and reserve your session one week ahead.

What do you prefer PRIVATE sessions or GROUP sessions?

Private sessions are just for one couple, in group sessions there are at least three couples and all children have similar age.

In private sessions is possible to pay attention to specific needs of the participants and to follow their particular rhythm and process, therefore the games can lead to a  deeper understanding and intimacy. The program for each session is based in the couple´s previous results and and it challenges and supports them to improve specific communication tools.

Groups sessions bring a whole new dimension in the couple communication, including socialization processes and opportunities to work with the idea of adequacy, cooperation, collaboration and respect in a wider context. This version is a great way to enjoy the communication while being challenged by the ideas and ways of communication of other couples. Each session follows a general program that offers increasing challenges of cooperation and coordination.

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